January 06, 2005

Why Weren't Ohio Votes Counted?

Michael Moore claims that 100,000 Ohio votes have still not been counted from the November 2nd Presidential Election. Republican Senator John Conyers of Detroit will object to the vote count in Ohio, but under archane rules he will only do this if one further Senator agrees to let him have the floor of the Senate. It seems that Democrats just want to forget the whole debacle of losing the election and fellow Republicans have no interest in democracy. Indeed, Freepress.org argue that the real winner of the election was actually John Kerry. They list ten provable counts of massive electoral fraud across Ohio, New Mexico and Florida:
  1. More than 106,000 Ohio ballots remain uncounted.
  2. Most of these uncounted ballots come from regions and precincts where Kerry was strongest.
  3. John Kerry carried hand counted ballots in Ohio by more than 8 per cent. Bush carried every precinct whose votes were counted with electronic optical scanning machines.
  4. Tens of thousands of Kerry votes were not recorded.
  5. Some turnout results are not plausible, and all work to the advantage of Bush. Two precincts reported turnouts of 124.4 and 124.0 percent of the registered voters in Bush areas.
  6. There were numerous reports across Ohio of voting machine fraud - including machines that switched or shifted on-screen displays of a vote for Kerry to a vote for Bush.
  7. Bush appears to have been awarded 16,000 extra votes from nowhere in Miami County. Dozens of other inconsistencies exist in the state.
  8. Democratic voters were apparently targeted with provisional ballots. These ballots require voters to fill out extensive forms at the poll.
  9. Ohio's Election Day exit poll was more credible than the certified result, according to intense statistical analysis.
  10. The Ohio recount wasn't random or comprehensive and may have involved serious illegalities. Republican Secretary of State Blackwell chose the precincts to be counted in a partisan manner.
Bush steals an election; now where have I heard that before?! Crucially however even if Senator Conyers manages to get the support of a colleague and gets to challenge the veracity of the result there's no way electoral fraud can ever be proved. Why? Because of the paperless, trail-free electronic voting machines installed at Republican insistence in the relevant states.