January 07, 2005

Tsunami: Photo Opportunity!

Let's hope this is not a worrying omen for the future but Jeb Bush, the even more dim witted executioner-in-chief brother of George Dubbya, has been in Indonesia this week alongside Colin Powell. Call me a cynic but I suspect that Jeb's trip is more about the photo opportunity it provides than any genuine compassion. After all, last year's hurricane in Florida where Bush Jnr. is Govenor brought an immediate pledge of $2bn in 'aid' from the Federal government and big brother Dubbya was seen on the beach moving rubble. The Asian Tsunami initially brought a promised of just $35m in aid, about the same as is being spent on George's inauguration this month. The US was eventually shamed into upping the aid budget, although much of this has been diverted from other projects or is aid 'in kind' - namely troops on the ground. As for Jeb, well nobody is quite sure if he wants to run as the Republican candidate in the 2008 Presidential Election or not but the increasing media presence he is seeking outside of Florida would suggest so.