January 13, 2005

Thatcher Thatcher Coup-Plot Hatcher

Was Mark Thatcher Guilty? Is the Pope Catholic?Mark Thatcher may have walked away from a South African court room a free man but few people are in any doubt as to his true guilt. Thatcher pleaded guilty to "negligence" in not fully checking where his money was going. He claimed it was going towards an air ambulance when in fact it was going towards hardware for an abortive coup attempt in Equatorial New Guinea. Thatcher's part in the coup plot may not have been proven in court but I can't help but feel that this was only because the South African authorities were keen on making a point, taking some cash off the man and then leaving at that. They went as far as they could without causing a diplomatic incident, and no further. Yet the stench of guilt hangs over Thatcher, who has long been mixing with some grubby little people. No less was to be expected given his upbringing. So while his friend Simon Mann languishes in jail for the next seven years, Thatcher's wealth and connections have bought him freedom. They say he'll move to America now; as long as he's nowhere near Britain, all the better.