December 29, 2004

Where's Blair? Still On Holiday!

Suntan Tony cares more about his holiday than doing his jobPerhaps it's too much to ask - after all the Indian Ocean Tsunami is only one the of the biggest natural disasters to hit the world in the last century - but where's Tony Blair when some real leadership is needed? I'll tell you where; still on holiday in Egypt. So while 75,000 lie dead with as many again predicted to be found buried below the rubble, and more than 5m now homeless, Tony tops up his suntan. It was only today - four days after the wave struck - that our Tony could even be bothered to issue a predictable, boring statement. Forget the platitudes Tony, what we need is action. The scale of the disaster is such that Blair should be back at Number 10, and now. A co-ordinated multi-nation aid effort with significant resources put behind it needs to be put in place. I don't expect Tony to be manning the helicopters or lifting boxes but symbolic leadership is important. Tony has failed hugely in that task. Whereas Tony was all too keen to appear before the camera's moments after 9/11 to stand "shoulder-to-shoulder" with America, when the world's poorest people are struck down he's nowhere to be seen. Shame on you Tony.