December 05, 2004

Torture 'Evidence' To Be Used

US Troops transport detanees under the Stars and StripesUS Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General Brian Boyle said this week that 'evidence' gained through use of torture can be used against the detainees in Guantanamo Bay. The comments came at a U.S. District Court hearing where some of the detainees have filed lawsuits challenging their continuing detention. Not that it'll do any good; people at the highest levels of government consider the detainees to have no legal rights either in the US or under international law. Hence the continued detention without trial or access to lawyers, and the use of torture to gain 'evidence'. Not that the US doesn't uses torture of course; electrodes on the genitals, stress positions, beatings, bags over the head, sexual humiliation, and the use of attack dogs on restrained detainees are all "legitimate forms of interrogation"!

I suspect that what has been uncovered so far - images from Abu Graib and anecdotal evidence from Guantanamo detainees - are just the tip of the torture iceberg. So desperate is the US military to root out the 'terrorists' that they have lost all sight of their real objective, which is the protection of US citizens. Instead the powers that be have become radicalised themselves and are willing to stoop to new lows in order to "win" this mythical war on terror. In any case, what use is evidence gained under torture? I'm quite sure that a man will confess to almost anything when 500 volts are coursing through his testicles. Indeed, it probably doesn't really matter to the current administration if the detainees are really terrorists or not, so long as somebody is branded as such, found guilty and then locked up forever.