December 22, 2004

No Smoke Without Fire

There may not have been a smoking gun but it's clear from the Budd Report that David Blunkett's grubby little hands were all over Leoncia Casalme's speeded up visa application. What has been proven is that his office asked the immigration service to look at the case. The service then offered "no special favours but a slightly faster process" - 19 days rather than 150 odd. What has not been proven is that Blunkett asked for this to be done himself. Yet, what other conclusion can be reached? Ludicrously it has even been suggested in the media (briefed by number 10 no doubt) that the letter from the immigration service regarding Miss Casalme's visa accidentally made it into Blunkett's official briefcase. According to this tale his office then took it upon themselves in the spirit of kindness to action it with the immigration service - all without the knowledge of Blunkett. Although that is clearly at best nonsense and at worst another Blunkett lie, the key documents that could have proved Blunkett's intentions have mysteriously gone missing. Still, there is enough in this case for the lay voter to come to the conclusion that Blunkett abused his position within the Home Office. While it may not ensure that Blunkett is kept our of the cabinet for long - Tony doesn't care what the crime is for his cronies - it should ensure that he never ever becomes Prime Minister. We can be grateful for that at least. The best may be yet to come as further embarrassing revelations could come from Blunkett's former lover Kimberly Quinn who apparently kept a diary of the three year affair! The heart bleeds for him.