December 21, 2004

Iraq Implodes

24 dead, 19 of them American soldiers, is the latest damning statistic in this brutal and bloody invasion. That's the casualty toll from today's insurgent attack on a US military base in Iraq. To date over 1000 US and 70 British soldiers have been killed, with probably 100,000 or more civilian Iraqis butchered and there is no let up in sight. It's a good job Rummy doesn't sign all the condolence letters as he'd have arthritis by now. We've had the usual rhetoric from the Americans of course - "these people hate freedom", "they're terrorists", "it's good vs evil" and so on. What the American's what address is the core of the problem - the continued occupation, the loss of civilian life and the appalling conditions that most Iraqis face on a daily basis. Elections may help speed the process but Iraq won't be truly free for years, if ever, and the violence will not end in the short term. It certainly won't if the elections are engineered so an American puppet government continues to remain in power. More to the point why are elections right now viable at all? The violence continues just as it did back in April when they were last cancelled and it is very unlikely that the whole population will be allowed to vote at all. Call me a cynic but perhaps it has something to do with the Presidential election now being out of the way?