December 14, 2004

The Good, The Bad and the NHS

Madeleine Ella
The lack of posting over the last week has been due to the birth of my baby daughter Madeleine Ella. She arrived safe and well on Thursday night weighing in at healthy but average 7lbs and 3 ounces - she's very pretty I'm sure you'll agree! Going through the process of pregnancy and birth with my partner certainly brings out many of the great things that the NHS does for the people of Britain, and also many of its faults. At times we have been indebted to the skill and dedication of NHS staff but also felt frustrated that all too often we were treated as a burden and an irritant, not as a customer. We've seen the best of modern health care provided in what can only be described (on occasions) as third world sanitation standards. We've also seen the best and worst of people - for every 'angel' there's someone who'd rather be having a chat than attending to a patient in need. The NHS is what it is because of it's people, not solely the amount of money spent on new drugs or technology. I am grateful for the medical care we have received and thank the NHS for that, but as a result I am more acutely aware than ever that the service is a long way from being what it should and could be.