December 07, 2004

Give Kofi A Break

The current US administration have never respected any international bodies let alone the UN but now it seems that the State Department is deliberately targeting the Secretary General Kofi Annan - the aim: his resignation. The campaign, which closely resembles a lynch mob, centres on allegations that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein siphoned off money from the UN Oil-For-Food programme for his own gains. The investigation is ongoing and it seems that either the US neo-conservatives have already made up their mind (probable) and/or are attempting to destabilise the UN ahead of the reports publication (definite). While there is no suggest that the Secretary General knew or overlooked large scale fraud there is a battle going on for the future of the UN. The neo-cons in the Bush regime at best see the UN as an irritant blocking their path to total hegemony over the world, and at worst as completely irrelevant. They (and the British government) have already been caught bugging Annan's office, as Claire Short so amusingly confessed. The UN has its faults of course - any organisation of that scale would. Its failure to act decisively in Kosovo, Rwanda and now Darfur have costs hundreds of thousands of lives. If the UN is not to be a glorified talking shop, it has to be strong. Yet that is exactly what America does not want right now. The earth is a small planet and George Bush, it seems, doesn't think it's big enough for the US and the UN.