December 23, 2004

Did Bush Stop Monkeying Around?

It's an insult to great apes reallyA favourable resolution appears to have been reached in the strange case of censorship at New York's Chelsea Market this week. The artist Chris Savido's acrylic painting of George Bush, made up of many little monkeys, was taken down by gallery managers prompting accusations that the gallery was censoring the artist. Fortunately an anonymous donor has paid for the painting to be projected onto a wall at the Holland Tunnel for a month, with hundreds of thousands of people likely to see it. George Bush rarely needs to be ridiculed - he does it so well himself - but this piece certainly hammered home a message. So much so that it wouldn't be a surprise if Republicans (or affiliated groups) hadn't put pressure on the gallery to pull the piece as The White House did with Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11. The attempted censorship is bordering on the pathetic and is totally counter-productive because many thousands more people will now see the painting.