December 19, 2004

Devil Returns to New Labour

Beelzebub, affectionately known as Alastair Campbell in some circles, is to return to New Labour and play a major role in next year's election campaign. The Dark Lord left his job as Press Secretary to Number 10 and BBC Tormenter in Chief earlier this year to concentrate, primarily, on making a shit load of cash from his autobiography and a lecture tour. Fully wedged up, Campbell is expected to return in the lead-up to May's election. Quite where that leaves his replacement David Hill or the supposed election chief strategist Alan Milburn is anybody's guess.

Perhaps Tony's bum is getting a bit squeaky? While the Tories are as pathetic as ever, they do appear to have found a big stick to hit Labour with: Trust, Trust, Trust. Which makes it all the more strange that Campbell is back in the fold. If there's anyone who epitomises New Labour spin and deceit it's him. Presumably Campbell will not be getting the front of house role that he so desperately wanted towards the end of his tenure at Number 10.