December 16, 2004

Blunkett Goes Tears Shed

Yeah right - be gone you devil and don't come back! While there is of course some sympathy that Blunkett has been caught in a carefully arranged sting - designed by a vindictive ex-lover who is attempting to deny him access to what he sees as his children - he has gone, fundamentally, because he abused his power and then lied about it. It's pretty clear cut unless we are to believe that Blunkett's staff simply took it upon themselves to fast-track the visa application in question, without any prompting from Blunkett. They did not, of course, and Blunkett had to go shamed and humiliated. It's a huge blow to Tony Blair - not only because his government's integrity has once again be questioned but also because Blunkett was his closest ally in the cabinet. I hate to use the word sleaze - but didn't the Tories use to be the party who abused their positions for personal gain?