December 06, 2004

Blair Meets Unelected Warmonger

... and for once it's not President Bush but the world's favourite Military Dictator; General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan! Our best buddy Musharraf has kindly been chasing those pesky al-Queda boys all over the mountains of Pakistan for the past three years. The fact that the odd goat-herder has been shot dead or carted off to Guantanamo to rot for an eternity, or that Musharraf took control of Pakistan in a coup and then declared himself President are just irritating diversions for Tony and George. Or perhaps that explains why the General has been so keen to help the West, despite the almost daily attempts on his life by his own people. Even so, that still makes him more popular than Tony Blair. I digress! The two leaders exchanged the usual pleasantries today; Musharraf demanded that Blair get tough on the causes of terrorism, Blair pledged to do something about Israel/Palestine. All very pleasant and utterly useless until one or both of them makes a radical change of direction and says no to George Bush.