December 08, 2004

America's Strange Views on Sex

I worry that neo-conservative views on sex and marriage are breading an American nation of sexually frustrated, ignorant people with some seriously screwed up attitudes towards a very natural process. Amongst the nonsense and lies being peddled by the Bush regime to the tune of $170 a year:

  • HIV can be contracted through sweat
  • Touching genitals can result in pregnancy
  • Condoms spread and increase the risk of HIV
  • A 43 day old feotus is a thinking person
  • Abortion leads to sterility
  • Half of the gay population of America has AIDS
All lies of course but it follows the neo-conservative Christian fundamentalist doctrine that Bush has so wholly subscribed too. With an average age of marriage around 30 for men and in the late 20s for women, people will never abstain permanently from sex before marriage and why should they? The worst aspect of these programmes is that the Bush regime are using taxpayers dollars to fund programmes that so obviously peddle lies in order to promote their own moral beliefs. What next, funding to promote the stoning of homosexuals? I wouldn't put anything past this regime. Even more insidious are the similar programmes funded in Africa and the Third World that have replaced traditional aid. Instead of teaching sex education and offering AIDS drugs and condoms as part of overseas aid budgets, the Bush administration is helping spread that killer disease by spinning against the use of contraception. The policy is almost certainly causing not preventing deaths in the Third World. Indeed on American soil the policy is equally destructive - there has been early evidence that incidences of teenage pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases amongst America's young are increasing as a result of Bush's programmes. First America, then the world. Infecting them one step at a time!