November 11, 2004

Was It Worth It Tony?

Tony Blair begins a two day visit to his bestest mate in the whole wide world tomorrow. Having desperately wanted him to lose in the American Presidential election, Tony Blair is under intense pressure to come back with something more substantive than a slap on the back from his mate George Bush. With almost the whole Labour Party, neigh the whole country, united in its utter hatred of the lying warmonger some movement on the Middle East peace process must happen. Enough of Tony Blair - it's now George Bush's turn to deliver for the UK! So how about a firm commitment from Bush to pressure Israel to begin talks with the Palestinians? Or perhaps a commitment from the US to matching UK targets for emissions reduction? Or maybe, just maybe, some honesty about exactly how many "son of star wars" missiles the US really wants to put on British soil. Any of this likely to happen? Of course not. It's the most one-sided special relationship since Jan-Erik Olsson robbed Sveriges Kreditbank in 1973! Blair is political capital for the Republicans and nothing more. He was a convenient electioneering slogan but that's the neo-con right for you. War, money, religion, bigotry, Tony Blair... all convenient for gaining power, ultimate power.