November 21, 2004

US Murders Worshippers

Many thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed in Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) - somewhere between 14454 and 16604, or as many as 100,000 depending on which analysis you believe. Whatever the true figure - and it'll be many thousands more once the genocide in Falluja has been added into the equation - it's disturbing to think that the US many actually be targeting Iraqi civilians. In the latest incident, last Friday, eye witness accounts report that US and Iraqi National Guard soldiers entered a Mosque in Baghdad and sprayed the place with bullets - killing at least four worshippers. It's one thing when US "precision guided munitions" perhaps aren't quite as precise as they'd like us to believe. No bomb dropped from 60,000ft is ever going to be precise - that's nothing more than a PR myth. However, its quite another when civilians are being wiped out at close quarters. It's genocide, nothing less. Has the US lost all sight of what they claimed they went there to do? Wasn't it about liberation, democracy, freedom? Or perhaps security and oil are more important than all of that?