November 03, 2004

Oh No - Bush Wins!

As I am writing, at about 9am UK time, it seems as though the election has gone George Bush's way. The American people have had their say and voted for the warmongering simpleton. At least this time it seems that Bush has actually won the election rather than have his Daddy's appointees in the Supreme Court hand it to him while conveniently ignoring the (hundreds) of thousands of black disenfranchised voters. If the election does finally go Bush's way - and at the moment it appears to depend on Ohio where Bush is 100,000 or so votes ahead with 97% counted - it is an absolute disaster for the world. Last time round Bush had absolutely no mandate but took his election 'loss' and ran with it. He and his neo-con cronies have an agenda, which is the use of American military power to extend their hegemony over, particularly oil rich, Middle Eastern states. One can only wonder at what an actual election victory, albeit very close, will mean. If I were an innocent civilian living in Iran, Syrian, Jordan or Saudi Arabia (well maybe not them since they're Bush's best buddies) I'd be ducking for cover right now, as America's 'precision' weaponry is likely to be falling through a residential roof somewhere near you soon. As someone who has lived in the states, albeit briefly, I have never bought into the common held notion here in the UK that all Americans are as stupid as their President. It's a massive constituency, which is not solely full of warmongering red-necks. However, the electorate have broadly bought into Bush's mythical War on Terror. Someone should point out to them that not only can you not wage war on an emotion, but there are in fact no organised armies of Islamic invaders ready to parachute into the Mid-West and butcher all the God-fearin' folks there. Yet, that is exactly what millions of Americans believe and have voted for. It's a sad, sad day for America. It's an even sadder day for the rest of the world.