November 18, 2004

Je T'Aime, Mai Non Je T'Aime!

Group hug now - come on now Tony and Jacques can't we just all learn to love each other? Well maybe the French could learn to love us if we weren't a bunch of warmongering hypocrites who shit on international law any time our masters, the United States, demand it. Still, I'm sure there'll be many public displays of affection when Tony Blair and Jacques Chirac meet today in London. Jacques described it as "l'amour violent" - although, frankly, comparing your relationship to a Johnny Halliday song is just about as offensive as it gets! In truth of course Blair and Chirac hold completely different views of the world. Tony Blair believes in regime change, pre-emptive wars and a strongly submissive relationship with America. Chriac believes in mulilateralism, international law and a strong European Union. Vive la France!