November 19, 2004

Fox Lives, Nobody Cares

The Hunting With Dogs bill has finally been passed using the Parliament Act meaning that fox hunting will be banned from February 2005 - but does the general public care? Sure, there's a lot of passion of both sides. Those opposed to fox hunting point to the obvious barbarity of the sport. Foxes do get butchered; it is pretty cruel. Those few people who enjoy hunting say that livelihoods will be ruined. Yet, it's an issue that probably wouldn't even come in the top 10 most important for the majority of voters. Shouldn't we be spending more time discussing how to improve our failing education, health and transport systems? Why all the media coverage then - because Tony Blair couldn't make his bloody mind up. He wanted hunting banned because it's in the manifesto but realising that such a commitment meant little to him, he backtracked. For all his obfuscation Tony has ended up with exactly what he didn't want - the bill coming into effect just before the next general election.