November 08, 2004

Do Something About Darfur

Why isn't the International Community doing anything about Darfur? The people of that highly impoverished region of Sudan are being systematically ethnically cleansed. It's genocide, plain and simple. Why aren't they doing anything - because the UN is paralysed and there's no military-strategic importance in Sudan for the US to intervene. Of course, if 60% of Sudan's oil was bought by the US, and not China, then it might be a little different of course. As usual the US is the global policeman, but only when it gets a good salary for the job. If ever peacekeepers were needed in a region then it's Darfur. While the massacre is not on the scale of Rwanda a decade ago, the US and UN are doing exactly the same as they did in that desperate country - NOTHING AT ALL. Does the life of hundreds of thousands of poor, defenseless Africans mean anything to the world? Sadly, it seems that they do not.