November 24, 2004

Did Bush Steal 2004 Too?

The Blue Lemur and Thom Hartmann both report anecdotal and statistical discrepancies between exit poll data and returned results in the 2004 Presidential Elections. According to Hartmann these discrepancies appear to be greatest in states that have electronic voting machines - although Blue Lemur did correct an earlier story that backed up this claim. However, the fact is that the exit polls and returned results in key states do not match. And by quite some distance. Did the electronic voting machines, which have no paper trail, return more votes for Bush than he really gained? Although statistical anomalies may point to this, it is still rumour and conjecture at the moment. What is criminal is that Bush was ever elected in the first place. The systematic targeting of black voters with the aim of disenfranchising them put Bush into power, when the majority of the US electorate did not want him. How the world has changed as a result. Bush clearly stole the 2000 election. The question is - did he manage the same in 2004?