November 23, 2004

Bush Calls Yanukovych Black

Yushchenko supporters demonstrate in Kiev's main Sq. They have vowed to stay there until their candidate is declared the winner

President Bush's least favourite candidate - Viktor Yanukovych - has claimed victory in the Ukrainian Presidential election. Or at least cheated his way to victory - observers are widely reporting that the election has not met normal standards of fairness and that many abuses have taken place. Stolen election - sound familiar anyone? It's no surprise that the White House would like to see Yanukovych's rival, Viktor Yushchenko, to win. He's a pro-Western capitalist who'll open up the Ukrainian economy and develop closer relations with the US and EU. Yanukovych on the other hand is an authoritarian backed by the Kremlin. While the people of Ukraine would surely be better off steering clear of the worrying authoritarian trend developing in Russia, it's a bit rich of the White House to accuse anyone of stealing an election. 15,000 disenfranchised Floridians might think so too.