October 05, 2004

Vote for Change

It's nothing new for celebrities to back one party or another in an American election race. Hey, even Tony Blair tried it. Remember cool Britannia? Yet, Vote for Change seems to be something different. It's a rock n' roll tour and political message all rolled into one. Among the leading celebrities taking part are and Michael Stipe, who's always had a political message, and Bruce Springsteen who I don't ever remember being involved in politics. It just shows how deep the river of anti-Bush feeling runs in American right now. Vote for Change not only advocates a change of political direction, but aims to increase the pathetically low turnout in Us presidential elections. Can a nation be truly democratic if less than 50% of the electorate bother to vote? Let's hope VfC succeeds - after all it's probably the best work Spingsteen has done in a decade!