October 16, 2004

US To Invade Britain Next

Ok, well not quite but having grown sick of American troops being blown to bits by Iraqi insurgents (freedom fighters/terrorists depending on whom you believe), the US want British troops to take their place. It's understandable really - when you're fighting an unpopular war against an enemy that you don't understand, with no plan to end the conflict, how about getting the poodle to take some of the heat? Hoon and Blair, of course, chickened out of defending their impending shafting by Bush - and said it would be up to generals "in the field" to decide. So if the generals say no, Blair will say no to Bush will he? Yeah right! Perhaps Tony can show what a brave leader he is by going to the front line himself, bayonette in hand and charging at said insurgents - bit like the Light Brigade, Crimea, circa 1856. One can but dream!