October 17, 2004

Tony - Get Out Now

Depending on who you believe somewhere between 25,000 and 100,000 people took to the streets on London yesterday to protest against the continuing occupation of Iraq by British and US troops. There was a clear message to Tony Blair - get the troops out now. Blair won't listen of course - he didn't listen with a couple of million on the streets in February 2003, so he's not going to start now. What we know now, of course, is what we all felt then. Iraq had no WMDs, they were no immediate threat and the war was far more about power, money and oil than Western security. In the proceeding months we have discovered that much of the information in the September dossier was indeed dodgy - 5/6 sources used were considered unreliable and the 45min claim was at least third hand. That much of the intelligence given to the Americans and British was from Iraqi dissidents should have given them a clue to its authenticity. Still, with any last semblance for justifying occupation gone when will Tony get the message?