October 12, 2004

Pensions: Don't Get Old!

I've come up with a new and unique way to solve the problem of the £57bn black hole in the UK pensions fund - don't get old! I'm forming a new political movement called "Live Hard, Die Young", which aims to recruit the young into crack houses, brothels, coke dens and dangerous sporting activity. Let's have some fun and die young rather than in poverty and the smell of our own piss. Ok I can't fool you lot - it's a cunning plan to kill off my generation and have the state pension all to myself. Muahahahaha! Better still perhaps a government (any, I really don't care) could actually address the issue at hand and come up with some solid policies. There's really only three choices - save more, increase taxes or be poor in old age. Or go with my plan, it's the 4th way!