October 11, 2004

Bush Wore a Wire

George Bush wore a wire during the first TV debate between the Presidential election candidates according to a number of Internet conspiracy theorists. Cannonfire notes that a strange bulge could be clearly seen on George Bush's back in both still pictures and video taken during the Miami debate - could this have been a two-way radio device? Bush could easily have been using an inner ear radio micro speaker and have been taking prompts from, say, his special advisor Carl Rove. At one point during the debate a clearly irritated Bush blurted out "let me finish" although nobody interrupted him - could he have been speaking to Rove? The Republicans have blamed a bad tailor but I think it's much more than that - there's too much evidence to brush this off as simply the work of Internet conspiracy nuts. Let's face it - Bush was getting instructions and prompts from a source. While there's nothing illegal in doing this, it is clearly against the spirit of fair debate.