October 01, 2004

Bush v Kerry Round 1

Late last night saw John "The Bore" Kerry vs George "The Idiot" Bush in the first Presidential Election debate of 2004. Seconds out, round 1, debate! As one observer put it earlier in the day - it's the political equivalent of a Viagra ad. All faux machismo with little or no substance. Give the American people what the American people want. Kerry had apparently been on a four day training camp to dumb down his style before the debate. To win over the American public he has been told to use shorter words and sentences, and speak in soundbites. Not that it worked, for all his intellect and liberal credentials, in the skin-deep analysis of American politics Kerry does comes across as dull. George Bush was his usual self - inane smiles and buddy jokes with one message: "I'm tough on terrorists". Kerry and Bush traded a few other barbs over Iraq and terrorism. Bush kept asserting that: "we invaded Iraq because the enemy attacked us on 9/11". Oh please - do the American people still believe this lie? Apparently they do because Kerry did little to challenge it. In the end did we learn anything more about the Presidential Candidates? Not a jot. It's with Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, Al Franken, Ann Coulter and the like that the real debate in American politics lies - not on set piece telly events.