October 26, 2004

Bush Aids The Insurgents

That's the only logical conclusion after the extraordinary revelation that 386 tons of high explosives and conventional munitions were simply looted by insurgents from under the noses of the America military. The Bush administration have attempted to brush off the controversy by claiming that the explosives were moved by Saddam before the war - yet Canadian TV footage clearly shows American military, with the weaponry at the al-Qaqaa military base, after the end of 'major combat operations' and the fall of the regime. So, yet another lie by a administration that does it both compulsively and obsessively. And who's hands have these weapons got into? Almost certainly the very insurgents that the US are so desperately fighting at the moment. It would be ironic if it didn't mean that yet more civilian lives will be lost to American military heavy-handedness in dealing with insurgents. What it does point to, yet again, is the total and utter lack of planning by the Bush administration before the war began. The sooner this man is voted out, the better the world will be.