October 31, 2004

Bin Laden Boosts Bush

It could have gone either way, but it would appear that George Bush has received a significant, and possibly decisive, boost in the polls after Osama Bin Laden's recorded "message to the American People" this week. In many other countries the appearance of your nemesis, mocking your policies on video, would have reminded the voters of an administration's past failures. Not in America however. While John Kerry has been quick to point out the Bush government's failure to capture the Saudi terrorist leader, the American voters appear to believe Bush is the man to lead this phony war on terror. Bush and his neo-con cronies have made the world a far more dangerous place with their divisive and interventionist policies. They are revolutionaries in every sense, yet the American people appear to have bought into their mythical project, and the Bin Laden tape has simply reinforced that message. A cynic might note that this new video was released at the most convenient time possible for the Bush campaign. I couldn't possibly comment!