October 08, 2004

Bigley Reported Dead

So Ken Bigley, the British hostage captured in Iraq, has been reported as killed by his captors Tahwid and Jihad. Although unconfirmed, it seems to have brought to an end three weeks of captivity, in which his fate has been played out in the media and his family's obvious desperation exploited for column inches, political gain and publicity. In the end Bigley becomes yet another statistic in this bloody, sorry war. Bigley's death, if confirmed, along with 1,000 US and 66 British soldiers and over 13,000 Iraqi civilians (Iraq Body Count) were all so unnecessary. His murderers will be portrayed has evil terrorists and the reason we went to war in the first place but that's just another distraction. I couldn't begin to understand the mentality of someone who's willing to behead, gruesomely, a hostage for publicity's sake - but then again I can't understand what it must be like to have your wedding bombed by US planes and have 12 of your family blown to pieces for no good reason. Tony Blair and George Bush have a lot of blood on their hands. How many barrels of oil is a human life worth Tony?