October 02, 2004

Begg "Tortured and Abused"

An uncensored letter from Moazim Begg has been received by his lawyers in Britain - it is thought that the letter slipped through the censorship process by accident. In the letter Begg, who has been held by the US military for almost three years in Afghanistan and Guantanamo, says that he has been tortured, forced to sign false statements and witnessed the murder of two other inmates. It's just one more piece of confirmation that the US has no interest in treating the inmates humanely or within the confines of international law. We already know that the inmate are assumed to be guilty, can be convicted on hearsay and secondary evidence and have no access to legal representation or communication with their families. Britain, despite claims by the government to the contrary, has been fully compliant with this process. Indeed, British agents have questioned the British inmates as confirmed by some of the four released earlier this year.