September 30, 2004

Blair Wants Five More Years

Tony Blair wants another five years in charge - simultaneously dismissing Gordon Brown's chances of ever becoming Prime Minister, and arrogantly assuming his party and the country actually want him. Perhaps he forget when he said "if I get elected at the next general election" that we live in a party democracy not a presidential one. Moreover, given that Labour lost 19% of its vote at the Hartlepool by-election last night he ought not to assume that a win, of any kind, is guaranteed. Where that leaves Gordon Brown is unclear. It seems that Brown was not consulted on Blair's statement. Could it be that Blair is attempting to provoke Brown into doing something rash, like challenging him for the leadership of the party after the next General Election? Time will tell.

September 29, 2004

Jack Straw's Handshake

Amid the controversy surrounding Jack Straw's handshake with President Mugabe one thing stood out for me. Was it the fact that Straw was ambushed into meeting Mugabe? Not really. Or that he shook the hand of a murdering Dictator who is systematically starving half his population and turning his nation into a pariah state. Not even that. Both can be explained in the 'Real Politik' of UN business. No, none of those. What shocked me the most was Jack Straw's explanation. "It was dark and I couldn't really see who's hand I was shaking". Come again? Perhaps Mr. Mugabe should have done the decent thing and smiled so you could see him better Jack? Shaking the hand of a brutal dictator and legitimising, in part, his rule is one thing. Racism is quite another.

September 28, 2004

Guantanamo Inmates "Trial"

The British Guantanamo inmates will not face a Military Court Marshal under an agreement made between Britain and the US earlier this year. Under the Military Court Marshal they would have had no access to legal representation, hearsay evidence would have been applicable and there would have been a presumption of guilt. Instead, they will face a Military Commission where they have no access to legal representation, hearsay evidence is applicable and there is a presumption of guilt. Tony Blair apparently intervened after the Military Tribunal was announced. Great job you've done there Tony - all that influence you have gained by joining George's phony war. Well done.

September 27, 2004

Boredom: Blair's Strategy

Is it me or was Tony Blair's speech at the Labour Party conference his most boring ever. No grand vision, no apocalyptic rhetoric and certainly no substance. Love him or hate him (and those who read Maggie's Pants will know I certainly don't love him), Blair has at least always been entertaining. That was his strength wasn't it? Blair the "great orator". Not any more it seems. One war, both literal and metaphorical, too many I think. He touched on Iraq of course, but only barely. There was certainly no apology for the lack of WMD's or the illegal preemptive war. He did admit there are and were never stockpiles of chemical, weapons in Iraq. That's big of you Tony!

September 26, 2004

Back From The Dead

Dear Readers,

Maggie Thatcher's Underpants is back today from an self imposed two month hiatus. The summer is never a good time to discuss politics and like my honourary patron, I'd grown a little weary. That was then and now is now; I'm feeling refreshed and ready to take on the task again, emboldened by a renewed belief that the world needs putting to rights - and Maggie's Pants is the only thing saving us all from certain doom. However, the pressures of daily life mean that I'll probably be commenting more often but at a curtailed length - with much less time spent honing my Photoshopping skills.

Yours Faithfully,

Ze Mole