June 04, 2004

Tenet is the Fall Guy

Tenet Is The PatsySo CIA director George Tenet has resigned "due to personal reasons". I suppose he could have said he wanted to spend more time with his family, or in the garden. If he'd said he wanted to holiday in Iraq, it would have been more believable. The truth is he's been pushed out - he's taking the flack for 9/11 and the failure the find WMDs. It's a convenient side show for the Bush regime ahead of the November election.

The question is - how vocal will Tenet be now he's gone? I think we'd all love to hear the inside truth on 9/11 and the evidence about WMDs in Iraq. How much did the CIA know, how much did the Pentagon know, how much evidence was fabricated by either or both, how much pressure was put on the CIA by the executive?

The administration needed a fall-guy and Bush certainly wasn't going to make Rumsfeld it - so the obvious man was Tenet. It's an irony since he was the man put under so much pressure to 'make the case for war'.

It will be interesting to see who is appointed to the post next. Presumably the Bush administration would want a hard-liner and a hawk who would put the blame for 9/11 and lack of WMD squarely at the CIAs door and promise to do better in the future.

Let's hope this is only the start of the resignations - Rumsfeld, Cheyney, Wolfovitz should all go too. Unfortunately, the chances of that seem slim. Ultimately the man who really needs to go is Bush - and the American people can do the world a favour in November.