June 11, 2004

Labour Get Thumped

Tony Blair Is A Big Fat LiarIt was predicted that there would be a swing away from Labour to the Tories and Lib Dems, as well as minor parties in the local elections. The scale of the thumping is quite staggering though. Labour scored just 26% of the vote, which even for a mid-term is unbelievably low for a party in power.

This is clearly a protest vote against the Labour government and Tony Blair should take note. We didn't want the Iraq war, we don't want privatisation of hospitals, we do want good public transport and we do want decent schools. However, it has been a long time since Tony Blair listened to anyone but George W Bush or the tabloid newspapers.

The European elections probably won't provide any respite for the government when the results are announced over the weekend. The only ray of sunshine for Tony Blair might be that the UKIP take votes off the Tories - although that is hardly going to help his case for the Euro next year.

Mid-terms don't provide any real indication of General Election voting intentions. However, the Labour party needs to learn and pretty quickly or we'll get the only thing that's worse - a Tory government. Getting rid of Tony Blair is the first step, getting in touch with the people is the next. Will it happen? I very much doubt it.