June 07, 2004

Chatshow Tony

It's a sign of desperation when Tony Blair is forced to go on GMTV to make his case for the continuing occupation of Iraq. There used to be a time when a Prime Minister would appear on PMQs, Dimbleby and the Today Programme and that was that. Now Chatshow Tony is prepared to do anything to garner a few extra votes. What next - Parky, Richard & Judy, Gerry? Actually, I'd pay to see that one - Dubbya, Tony and Saddam all sat on stage and out comes the bastard love-child fathered with Anne Widdicombe but which one is the real father? I digress!

His case is already lost if he has to get grilled (I used the term very loosely) by Eamonn Holmes at 8 in the morning. He'd probably win more votes, and cheapen himself less, if he booked a place on Big Brother. Two things will probably happen this week - a record low turnout and the minor parties such as the Liberal Democrats and Greens will take votes from Labour while the various racist/fascist/Euro-skeptic parties will takes votes from the Tories. It will be interesting to see who claims victory after the carnage begins and the body-count is totted up.

It's not beyond the realms of possibility that a disastrous showing in European, local and mayoral elections this week could spell the beginning of the end for Chatshow Tony. With more than half that parliamentary Labour party having voted against him on one bill or another in the last two years, his popularity is nowhere near the level it once was.