May 14, 2004

Time For Blair To Go

It now seems clear to me that Tony Blair lied about WMDs in Iraq and created a diversionary argument with the BBC to cover it up. Having won that argument he is now lying about the abuse of Iraqi prisoners (both military and civilian) and creating a diversionary argument with the Mirror to cover that up too.

Tony Blair’s position is now untenable because the moral, political, strategic and financial justification that could be made for the occupation of Iraq - none of which I ever believed - is blown away when 'we' are no better as occupiers than Saddam's administration were as oppressors.

There is a vile stench in the air around Blair's government. The closeness of his ties with Bush, the acceptance of abuse of British inmates at Guantanamo Bay and the detention of suspected terrorists without charge in British prisons all point to an administration that has forgotten what democracy means.

Tony Blair preaches liberation but practices brutal dictatorship. I believe that it his moral obligation now to resign and let Gordon Brown take the Labour party and the country back to its liberal equilibrium. I don’t expect it to happen – he will fight, fight and fight on with his two-man crusade. The consequences, though, look to be dire for Tony Blair, the Labour party and the country in the longer term. The United Kingdom is never more isolated from the majority of world opinion and never more vulnerable to the whim of its master, the United States.