May 27, 2004

Run Away! Hide! Fear! Terror!

So it appears that there is a general Al-Queda threat. To everyone. At anytime. Anywhere. They're going to hit us hard. They hate us. Hate what we stand for. They're the enemy. We must fear them. We're all going to die!

Or maybe not. Let's just think about this for a moment and be rational. Maybe, just maybe, John Ashcroft's recent terror warning/scaremongering/alert was far more about the realpolitik of American electioneering than any real and present danger - to borrow a phrase. This much seems obvious. The real question is - do the American people buy it any more (I'm damn sure the British don't - have you seen Blair's approval ratings?).

It was interesting to see that John Kerry has already called into question the legitimacy of the warning.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe since US immigration is virtually admitting they couldn't spot these 'terrorists' as they entered the country (allegedly), all citizens should be on the look out. 'Suspect is brown, suspect is presumed Muslim and dangerous'. Wait a minute - I live in London. Half the population are not white. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Sarcasm aside - is there no limit to the fear that the Bush administration will try and create to win votes? I'm not buying it and I'm willing to bet that by November the American people won't buy it any longer either.