May 15, 2004

Morgan Falls On Sword

So Piers Morgan has resigned as the Mirror admits that they were duped over those Iraqi abuse photos. It was the only logical end to this sordid affair and it's a real shame that the government have been allowed, once again, to divert the public and media attention away from the real issue.

The real issue is that there has been abuse by British soldiers on Iraqi prisoners and civilians - several soldiers have come forward to say so and both the ICRC and Amnesty have concurred with this view. Yet, the spinmeisters in the Government have won again by creating a secondary argument with a media outlet. Sounds familiar!

Tony Blair may have won battles against the Mirror and the BBC - but history will define him as the man who took the Britain into an unjust war against the will of the British people. The only thing that may save him from the fate of José Maria Aznar is that the Tories were stupid enough to vote for this too.