May 17, 2004

Iraq Chaos Deepens

Ezzedine Salim , the head of the US appointed Iraqi governing council has been killed in car bomb attack today. This is further evidence that the Iraqis do not want an occupying force in Iraq and do not want an US appointed puppet government. We need out now.

Every day that occupying forces remain in Iraq their 'popularity' with the local population diminishes. Every day they remain Tony Blair and George Bush move a step closer to voting themselves out of office.

I want Bush - the warmongering, election stealing, draft-dodging, cocaine addict, thief and drunk - voted out. I want Tony Blair - the lip-quivering, patronising, insincere, manipulative, liar - out too. If they stay in Iraq much longer this will happen. However, the death of civilians and military on both sides just isn't worth it any longer.

Iraq Body Count estimates that up to 11,000 Iraqi citizens have died through US bombing. It's not worth it any more. We (The West) gain nothing and the Iraqis are certainly gaining nothing.