May 25, 2004

The Blind Leading the Blind

I wonder if the Bush administration has ever had a strategy for post-war Iraq? President Bush's speech last night was a lesson in desperation as his failed administration tries to claw back some of its lost credibility.

Bush still doesn't appear to have a full grasp of the magnitude of what is happening in Iraq right now. He glossed over the main issues - arguing that there is only an 'appearance' of chaos. No, Mr. Bush. It is chaos!

If America (and us, its poodle) really want to create a 'shining beacon of democracy' in the middle east we're all going about it in the most haphazard and desperately dishonest way imaginable. Of course, the truth is that Bush and his fellow hawks were never interested in the Iraqi people - only in the geo-strategic goals of securing influence in the region and a long lasting, cheap oil supply. Call me a cynic but I never believed any of the phony arguments about democracy, WMD or human rights. America has consistently and clearly shown itself to be no believer in human rights or democracy (although I concede it's a pretty big fan of its own WMD).

There needs to be an exit strategy - but ones that allows the Iraqi people to take power through democratic elections now and not just another puppet government that nobody believes in. US and UK troops will have to come out and an international peace-keeping force, lead by the UN and the Arab league, replace them. This all requires an admission on the part of the coalition that they've got it badly wrong. Will this happen? I very much doubt it.